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IBAT Analytics has been featured on Fast Company, Product Hunt and HackerNews for being a simple and easy-to-use alternative to Google Analytics.

What we offer

Say 'Hello' to a simple yet powerful user analytics system. IBAT Analytics tells you all you need to know about your website traffic, without tracking or storing your visitors' personal information.

One screen

One screen

All your analytics essentials at-a-glance on one single, clutter-free screen: top pages, page views, referrers, browser screen sizes and more.



You won't need to distract your website visitors with pesky messages about cookie tracking. And IBAT Analytics is fully GDPR compliant too.

Know your KPIs

Quick set-up

Just add two lines of JavaScript to your web pages - and you're done! React, Angular, Vue, Svelte and other modern front-end frameworks fully supported.

How you benefit

IBAT Analytics helps you focus on what's important: your business.

content performancee

Measure content performance

Discover what's popular on your website, and what needs to improve. All from one, easy-to-navigate, blazingly-fast dashboard screen.

Grow your businesse

Grow your business

Get actionable insights with real-time and historical data to guide evidence-based decision-making and content optimisation across your entire website.

Reader engagement

Be future-ready

Our auto-scaling web servers handle billions of page views. So you don't need to worry about sudden traffic spikes impacting your website's performance.

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Happy users

Join the 1,000s of delighted customers from every sector of business around the world who are using IBAT Analytics to drive their future success.

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